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Book a Liebust

To receive an online Liebust session please follow the steps below.

Book with one of our Level 5 Liebusters, the founders are less available and also will cost more.

If you are hurting and hungry you will be mightily blessed. We look forward to connecting with you.

We are so confident that you will be transformed by the outcome, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Common Questions

Is Liebusting like counselling?

No, this is not counselling. Your Liebuster will not give you advice or encourage you to tell your life story. This is a spiritual conversation where God will gently lead you to the roots of oppression, deal with them and bring you true and lasting freedom. This is a guided spiritual encounter with God. 

Do I need to be a Christian?

Have you heard the words, "the truth will set you free"? Jesus spoke these words and he also said, "I am the way the truth and the life". So if you are truly hungry for freedom and your heart is open to Jesus, great, but no, you don't need to be a Christian or become one, we just want you to be free and this works because God's love is for everyone!

What if I can't hear from God?

You were made for conversation with God. It's natural that many of us are not used to hearing, seeing or sensing him. This is where your chosen Liebuster can help you. Be open, relaxed and hungry for freedom, and as you become more free, your connection with God will get clearer and stronger. 

How many Liebust sessions do I need?

It's likely that the more Liebust session you have, the more freedom you will receive. If you feel you need more, you can book more OR you can train to become a Liebuster where you will receive Liebust session as part of your training. You will then be able to Liebust yourself and others too if you wish.

How do I implement what I receive during in a Liebust session?

If you’ve received one or more Liebust sessions, you may benefit from coaching to help you to implement the truths and revelation you’ve received.

Is Liebusting for me?

Are you hungry for breakthrough? Are you open to a spiritual solution but don't want religion? Do you believe that you were made for oneness with others and with God but feel emotionally or spiritually blocked and disconnected in some areas of your life? Have you struggled with fear, anxiety, addictions, depression, isolation, rejection but crave love and acceptance? Do you have a lack of clarity about your identity or purpose?

If you answered YES to any of the above, we are positive Liebusting can help you!

What can I expect from my Liebust session?

Your Liebust session will be facilitated by one of our trained and trusted Liebusters. It will last 60 minutes, maybe a little longer, and normally takes place over Skype or Google Hangouts. Your Liebuster will connect you with God. Lies that are limiting you and that are buried in your subconscious will be exposed. Own life and generational roots are dealt with, the fruit of which is transformation. Parts of you that have become stuck emotionally or that have been separated from your core self will be integrated so that you become whole and healed. You will experience great freedom, peace and love

How does Liebusting work?

Liebusting is a gentle process whereby a trained and trusted Liebuster leads you to connect your spirit with God's Spirit. This results in the identification of lies and trauma that may have been rooted in a past event in your own life or in a past event in the life of one of your ancestors. 

Trauma and pain open the door to lies that oppress you. It has now been scientifically proven that DNA holds the record of your trauma and that of your ancestors as well. 

Your DNA can be reset by replacing lies with truth, resulting in healing and freedom from oppression. Liebusting aligns your spirit with God's Spirit, allowing you to experience pure love.

In addition to dealing with lies, pain and trauma, Liebusting helps those parts of yourself that have got stuck emotionally at different ages, or that have been separated from your core self, to become integrated. Without integration, when parts are triggered, they can sabotage your present, they can be voices in your head and cause irrational behaviour, inconsistencies in relationships and mood swings. 

What are the outcomes I can expect?

  • Freedom from fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, doubt, insecurity, loneliness, powerlessness and oppression.

  • A deep sense of oneness and intimacy with others and with a loving God.

  • Cleansing of your soul (mind, will and emotions) often resulting in physical healing (body).

  • Activation of your spirit allowing you to live above the storms of life.

  • Access to your true Father, Your Creator and the ability to rest in Him in an atmosphere of pure love and acceptance.

  • You will know that you are a child of God and designed for a specific and unique purpose that the world needs and is waiting for.

  • You will know who you are and why you are here.

  • You will know the truth because the truth has set you free!

What do people say about Liebusting?

Liebusting is endorsed by these leaders

Dr. Mark Stribbe

"Having been privileged to read the countless testimonies of those who have been Liebusted, as well as being Liebusted by Jonathan myself, I can say without qualification that this is a tool that the world needs."

Gary Beaton

"Liebusters is by far one of the most profound tools of our time. I believe that Liebusters has the power to dramatically transform millions of lives."

David's Tent

Join us at David's Tent UK 2021. We will have a team of Liebusters offering FREE Liebust sessions.

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