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Liebusters is a simple, fast, powerful and gentle freedom prayer model designed specifically to be very accessible and easy to learn. Liebusters has been called a 'next-gen' freedom tool. It can be used in families, in church small groups, by ministry teams and by professional coaches and counsellors. In short, it can be used by anyone with a passion for true FREEDOM!
Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy - 'the father of lies', and to reveal his Father - 'the Father of lights', to a hurting and broken people. Jesus achieves this through Liebusters today for those who know him and for those who don't yet know him in a way that is truly life changing!
Designed specifically to make FREEDOM accessible to everyone!
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Do you have personal or professional pain points and need healing? Do you feel disconnected from yourself, from others, or from God? Are you ready for change and hungry for breakthrough?  If you answer is yes then Liebusters can help you - we invite you to book a Liebust! 
Designed specifically to make FREEDOM accessible to everyone!
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