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Having been privileged to read the countless stories of those who have been Liebusted, as well as being Liebusted by Jonathan myself, I can say without qualification that Liebusters is a tool that the world needs.

  • Dr. Mark Stibbe - International Author and Speaker

The Liebusters Book is designed for people who are interested in God's power to set people free. It contains 2 parts, 5 chapters in each.  

The first part covers the stages that we have observed that God leads people through as he sets them free. Each stage is described with detailed theological support and with inspiring freedom stories. 

The second part of the Liebusters book covers the process that facilitates the freedom journey described in part one. This simple process described in detail, will allow you to practise on yourself as you read. Many people have reported great freedom as a result of following the simple process as they read the Liebusters book.  

Two distinctive issues that the Liebusters process deals with really well, are generational issues and stuck emotional parts, that when triggered, cause us to self sabotage. The ability to deal with these two issues make the Liebusters process very powerful. 

We do hope that you benefit greatly with what we have to share with you.

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