The Liebusters Book
The Liebusters book contains Jonathan and Helena's personal freedom story - a journey that led to the creation of Liebusters, and more recently, the Liebusters Course
The book covers the theological foundations of the Liebusters journey: from slavery to sonship, from sonship to kingship, and from kingship to oneness, then goes into more detail regarding the five component parts of a Liebust session: connect, lies, truth, scan and glory. 
Available as Paperback and eBook. 
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What Do Other Readers Think?

There is so much more to life than having a passport to Heaven and this book helps with the unfolding of the next steps. As the author says, "Be courageous, slay the giants, deal with the slime and embrace your calling." A very good read, thought provoking, challenging, and practical.

If you want to live free of hurts, lies, generational things that have hindered you, read this book! It is written in a style easy to understand and put in to practice.

NOT just another book, truly a necessary and effective tool for freedom. Delivers what it promises: Get free, stay free and set others free! An excellent effective tool. I highly recommend get yours today.
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Paperback now available in French and German (select your translation at checkout)
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