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I want to help you get spiritually and emotionally unblocked

...and have fun doing it!

Does this sound like you?

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    Are you trying your best but continue to self sabotage?

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    Do you ever experience feelings of fear, rejection or isolation?

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    Are you tired of feeling stuck?

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    Deep down do you crave love and acceptance?

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    Do you believe there’s a way forward, but it seems just out of reach?

If yes... then you are in the right place!

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What is Liebusting?

Liebusting is the most powerful total freedom tool available today! It’s fast, simple and gentle. Liebusting can be applied one on one, one to many and to organisations. Each Liebust session takes 60 to 90 minutes and can be done in person but usually online.

Jenn Johnson

I recommend Liebusting to all my family, my friends and my colleagues."
Jenn Johnson

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Our proven, compassion led approach combined with fun and community has reached thousands of people, allowing them to get free, stay free and help set others free

Liebusters Founders - Jonathan and Helena Cavan

Meet the Founder

Jonathan developed the Liebusters freedom tool to address the need for a simple, fast, gentle, yet powerful tool that anybody can use. Liebusters has helped thousands of people all over the world.

Facebook Reviews

Liebusting is amazing. I’m walking in freedom now from a 30 year addiction. It was so easy and no struggle to maintain my freedom either. If you’re tired of being depressed, busted and disgusted, give this a chance and see your life transformed.

Not only an amazing tool to help you be set free from years of generational rubbish, but also an incredible community of people who are genuine, loving, encouraging and just AWESOME! I have so much more passion and love for God now as it has broken off so many lies and religious beliefs. I can’t recommend Liebiusters enough.

Wow! Liebusters brings freedom like nothing else. I thought I had been set free from stuff in my life, but actually there was a constant battle in my mind to stop me falling into old habits. It was about 2 weeks after being Liebusted that I realised that I wasn't having those thoughts anymore. True Freedom!

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